Please fill the form below to submit your request. We will reply as soon as possible, usually within 24hrs. Your reservation is not confirmed until you receive a reply from us confirming availability.

Please take note of the following:

 1. Prices are on the ‘Facilities & Prices’ page.  Do not fill in this form for prices.

 2. Electric hook-up is available to Campervans and Tents only. We do not supply to         Motorhomes. We also do not supply electric hook-up for heaters in tents, this is a fire risk.

3. Please make sure you book the correct mode of camping, and any additional camping gear (Awning etc.). If you arrive in anything other than what you have booked, we have the right to turn you away. Do not book electric hook-up for a campervan then turn up in a motorhome.

4. Please do not book an electric hook-up point if it is just to charge phones, laptops etc. These items can be plugged in in the recreational room or office.

5. We do take Group Bookings.

6. We require payment in full on receipt of your confirmation. No payment, no pitch.


You can also find us on: – Windhaven – Windhaven