About Us

Phil, Clare and Aunty Babs run this small, unique family business. We are originally from Manchester/Bollington and moved up in June 2018 and haven’t looked back since.

The Café opened in August 2018 just so we could get a taste of what the season would be like and it proved a great success, especially the scrumptious cakes on offer. The Cafe and our cakes have been mention in travel blog written by a Scottish travel blogger, living in Brussels,  called “The Spot Hopper” (www.thespothopper.com) as a place to visit when doing the NC500. Take a look at the blog.

***We are no longer running the café in 2022, this will now be a snack /gift shop.***

The views here are outstanding. On a clear day you can see across to Hoy, The Orkneys and Scapaflow.

There are many species of birds that nest in the cliff faces during Spring and Summer. During the months of April to August you will see the Puffins at Dunnet Head Lighthouse which is three miles up the road. So if you are a keen bird watcher, this is your place.

We have resident Harbour Seals down in the Bay. There can be as many as four or fourteen at any given time. All the seals are tagged and monitored by Edinburgh University because of their decline in population. There is a Harbour Seal Decline Project run by the SMRU. There are also quite a large population of Gray Seals that share the bay.

There are plenty of caves to explore along the coastline and in the Bay. We do get quite a few sea kayaker’s in the summer, some of which do a bit of fishing, as well as Paddle Boarders and some brave the bay for a bit of a snorkel/dive.

As for the fish, they are in abundance. There are Bass at Dunnet Bay. Cod, Pollock and Sea Trout in and around the Bay here.

Surf Kayak Home International and British Championships as well as the Thurso Surf Festival Pro Surf Tour and the O’Neill Highland Open Surfing Competition have been held here at Dunnet Bay. Please check our useful links page for information of some water-sports.
The sand dunes at Dunnet Bay cover the remains of an extensive Norse settlement. Occasionally, the shifting of the sand allows the remains of some buildings to be seen.

The Ferries to the Orkney Isles can be caught from Scrabster, Gills Bay or John O Groats, all of which are only 20/25 minutes away from our property. Please find the link for the ferries on our ‘useful links’ page.

If you enjoy a challenging walk, perhaps you’d like to try the walk from Duncasby Head to Cape Wrath. All the information and help you will need can be found on our ‘useful links’ page.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us and that you will be back again one day.

Brough Bay Association,  take care of the upkeep of the pier/slipway as well as the grounds down at the Bay.